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"Red Nude"  1985  14" x 11"  3-plate etching and aquatint


  heartbig3.gif (255 bytes)  

To Love and To Cherish


Images of candor, chivalry, tenderness, jealousy, melancholy and romance


color etching

etching with aquatint, 15"x12"

Printmaker George Chung does etchings that show the stages of love as it progresses from flirting to marriage and beyond.


color etching

etching with aquatint, 14" x 20"



Whisper Sweet Nothings





courtship 320.jpg (11096 bytes)

aquatint, 16" x 20"



Goo-goo Eyes





repose.jpg (7392 bytes)

etching with aquatint, 14" x 11"



Head over heels in love





hussy 280.jpg (6687 bytes)

"Heart of Gold"
aquatint, 18" x 12"



His former girl friend

She may look like a hussy but she has a heart of gold




Bad Habits

She quit smoking

aquatint 5 KB
"Last Cigarette"
aquatint, 11" x 9"


He didn't

Color etching   6 KB
etching with aquatint, 11" x 14"




aquatint   12 KB

"Romeo and Juliet"
aquatint, 20"x16"


Her Parents Didn't Like Him

Juliet: "O, now be gone; more light and light it grows."

Romeo: "More light and light, more dark and dark our woes!"




departure 280.gif (11572 bytes)

aquatint, 14" x 11"


Parting is such sweet sorrow




Color lithograph  5 KB

"Writer's Block"
lithograph, 20" x 14"


Love letter




Color etching   10 KB

etching with aquatint, 20" x 14"



Wedding Reception




Color etching   12 KB

etching with aquatint, 14" x 11'



Exotic Honeymoon




matrimony 350.jpg (12486 bytes)

aquatint, 12" x 18"



Domestic Life





ne plus ultra 320.jpg (10327 bytes)

"Ne Plus Ultra"
aquatint, 16" x 20"



The In-laws Know Best




Color etching   7 KB

"Mother with Blanket"
etching with aquatint, 16" x 12"



Baby Makes Three





Nursery Rhyme

aquatint  9 KB

"The Sky is Falling"
aquatint, 14" x 11"



Chicken Little was in the woods,
A seed fell on his tail.
He met Henny Penny and said,

"The sky is falling.
  I saw it with my eyes.
  I heard it with my ears.
  Some of it fell on my tail."

He met Turkey Lurkey, Ducky Lucky,
and Goosey Loosey.
They ran to tell the king.

They met Foxy Loxy.
They ran into his den,
And they did not come out again.




Color etching   11 KB

Detail of "Tomfoolery"
etching with aquatint, 14" x 11"



Youthful Indiscretion




aquatint   9 KB

aquatint, 16" x 12"



People Gossip





gotcha 340.jpg (11564 bytes)

Aquatint, 12" x 18"






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